Showing Your Home

Impressions count when it comes to showing your property:

  • Make arrangements to be out of the house to permit the agent to do “their job.” If you are at home, don't force conversation with potential buyers. Be polite and refer to your realtor. They want to inspect your home, not make new friends.
  • Protect your pets. Keep them out of the way or in restricted area. If you have dogs, remove them from the property during open house days.
  • Open all blinds and drapes to make the home light and cheerful.
  • Turn on additional lights and lamps as needed.
  • Remove excess clutter from floor, tables, and counter tops.
  • Keep your valuable safely locked up or out of sight.
  • Clean bathrooms so they sparkle.
  • Make the bed and do the dishes.
  • Dust and vacuum the house thoroughly.
  • Remove excess toys and equipment from yards.
  • Wash down driveway and patios
  • Turn off all TVs. Very soft background music may be acceptable.
  • Fresh flowers in front yard, on the porch, and in the house can create a welcoming effect.
  • Light refreshments such as tea and cookies are a nice touch. Fresh baked cookies or simmering potpourri creates a pleasant aroma (or check with your agent to see if refreshments will be provided).


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